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20 years of Drafting experience, specializing in drafting services for the design and construction documents process. 


Partial Project list includes: 

Los Angeles Museum Of The Holocaust – Belzberg Architects; Aragon Avenue Elementary

School - John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects; CSLA Intimate Theater – Jeffery M. Kalban And

Associates; CSUN Arbor Court – Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects; Encino / Tarzana Library

Steven Ehrlich Architects; Cabrillo Aquarium – Barton Phelps Architects; Bethel Church /

Millennium Center – Kerl Yoo Architects; Hill House – Johnston Mark Lee Architects; MuSh

Residence – Studio 0.10 Architects; 9400 Santa Monica Office Building – Jeffery M. Kalban

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